Profit & Equity

This nurse-turned bookkeeper is well-versed in healthcare finance and is all about the small businesses in any industry that are looking to make sense of the books and finances. Other than bookkeepers, no one starts their own business to work on "the books". That's what we want to help you straighten out!

That’s a Wrap!

Bookkeeping is not hard.  Tedious maybe, time-consuming, yes.  However, if  one does small routines over time, big things happen.   One such advantage is the little time it takes to wrap your books for the year.  Books that have been kept all year with weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks require very little for year-end processing.  Typically, …

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Which is better: cash basis or accrual basis?

The real question is which is most appropriate to your business!  Both have value in the right situation. Cash basis accounting is best used for personal finance and microbusinesses.  This is the method that chronicles transactions as they occur.  No invoices are recorded until they are paid, no bills are documented until the money is …

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