Four Reasons to Hire a Bookkeeping Service

By Profit & Equity, LLC

June 13, 2021

  1. You know what you know.

Because you can look at a receipt and immediately remember that you got a check from Sally Service, doesn’t mean you remember that you forgot to enter the payment on the invoice.  Later you remember getting the check from Sally as you enter it on your Deposit Slip, and that you still need to enter the payment.  That’s when Walter Worker walks in with a customer complaint that needs to be addressed.  Now you won’t see that again until you try to reconcile your books at the end of the month and your numbers are off, and at that point, you may or may not remember that it was Sally’s check you needed to enter!

With a bookkeeper, they will question why the payments don’t match the deposit slip when you submit it for the record.  Now one or two of these kinds of occurrences is not a huge deal, but having five or six of these in one month and you’ve got a real mess!  

  1. You need more time.

Maybe you’ve missed one too many of little Amy’s dance recitals or you’ve not taken your wife out in a while.  Maybe you saw a customer’s name on the list and wished you’d been free to talk to them when they came in; you still have their baking dish in your car!  Maybe you miss actually slinging on your tool belt and being on the job site with the guys, walking the I-beams, and reminding Henry to put on his safety goggles.  Maybe it’s been too long since you’ve worked on your swing.  Whatever the case, you need less time in the office doing the books and more time doing other things.  

Having a professional bookkeeper is like having an extra set of hands.  That small investment will pay itself triple-fold when your daughter waves at you from the stage, or you breathe in the fresh air at the club.  Henry will have his glasses on and you’ll get that baking dish out of your trunk!  

  1. No one else wants to do it.

Let’s be real; no one (other than bookkeepers) actually likes keeping the books.  It’s not something most people do for funsies.  So why not let the people who enjoy it take it off your task list?  Like mowing your lawn, getting takeout, or cleaning the office – there’s a service for that!  Why not use it?

You would not do the wiring in your office (unless you are an electrician), or set up your company network (unless you are an IT specialist).  Why do the services bookkeepers choose to do for you?  Let the number crunchers get their geek on!

  1. They know what you don’t know.

If you need surgery, do you go to the surgeon or try to figure out how to do it yourself?  How about if you need your car fixed?  Your bathroom re-done?  You get the point…  

DIY bookkeeping is setting you up for some catastrophic mistakes that you won’t know you’ve made until it’s too late.  Bookkeepers know what you don’t know and they can help you avoid those common mistakes.  Even during the initial stages of your bookkeeping, a bookkeeping service can help you figure out the right software set up to organize your business information with your goals in mind.