Ad Hoc Services

For those times when you just need a one-time helping hand for your business or have questions and aren’t sure how to proceed.

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Quarterly Deep Dive for DIY

Get an Action Report of what could be improved for your bookkeeping for a previous quarter. Priced starting at 6% of Quarterly Gross Revenue. CLICK THE PIC TO FILL OUT REQUEST

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Financial SnapShot

Get a SnapShot Report of the financial state of your business. We'll review your financial statements and let you know what needs some attention. Priced at $189 per report. CLICK THE PIC TO FILL OUT REQUEST

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30 Minute Q&A

Puzzled over a letter from the state? Unsure of how to pull a report that the bank needs? We can help, schedule a call so we can help you answer your questions! Prices at $129 per call. CLICK THE PIC TO SCHEDULE A CALL