Profit Max Consulting

From Where You Are to where you'll grow

What Does It Look Like?

Stage I:
Opportunity Assessment

Over the first thirty days, we deep dive into the current status of your books and run a full diagnostic and analytics on your business' finances

Profitability Potential Report

Stage II:
Timeline Building

Over the following sixty days, we work with you to outline and map out your business goals. We build your business a treasure map- profit marks the SPOT.

Strategic Profit Opportunity Timeline

Stage III:
Monthly Analytics

Over the following nine months, with monthly touchpoints of your SPOT. This is where things transform.

Monthly Analytics Outcome Reporting

Stage IV:
Strategic Quarterly Oversight

At around one year mark, we guide your transition to quarterly oversight. Similar to Stage III. Complete with annual SPOT and Quarterly Outcome reports.

Annual SPOT Report AND Quarterly Strategic Outcome Reports

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