Profit Max Consulting

from where you are to where you'll grow...

What does it look like?

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Stage I: Opportunity Assessment

Over the first thirty days, we deep dive into the current status of your books and run a full diagnostic and analytics on your business’ finances.

DELIVERABLE: Profitability Potential Report


FEE: $3,000 

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Stage II: Timeline Building


Over the following sixty days we work with you to outline and map out your business goals.  We build your business a treasure map – profit marks the SPOT.

DELIVERABLE: Strategic Profit Opportunity Timeline


FEE: $5,000

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Stage III: Monthly Analytics


Over the following nine months, with monthly touchpoints, we coach your implementation of your SPOT.  This is where things transform.

DELIVERABLE: Monthly Analytics Outcome Reporting


FEE: $2,000 per month

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Stage IV: Strategic Quarterly Oversight

At around the one year mark, we guide your transition to quarterly oversight.  Similar to Stage III. Complete with annual SPOT and Quarterly Outcome reports.

DELIVERABLE: Annual SPOT Report AND Quarterly Strategic Outcome Reports


FEE: $1,500 per month