Want to boost your ROI?  Hire a Bookkeeper!

Seriously, how is this a bad idea?  Here’s some stats: 

  1. Businesses with a bookkeeper saves an average of $2,200 per year!  

(Bench.io  retrieved form: Bench Article)

  1. A bookkeeper will increase your profit by 10%!  

(Intuit.com   retrieved from: Intuit Article)

  1. Businesses with a bookkeeper are 2.5 times more tax compliant than their counterparts!

(Sage.com   retrieved from: Sage Article)

… oh yeah!  Got your attention now, don’t I?

What is this magic that a bookkeeper brings to your business?

Let’s imagine your books are like the ones from Harry Potter, you know the one… that he kept a belt on so it wouldn’t eat his (other) shoe.  You keep that belt tightly around it to keep it at bay.  It’s a ferocious little beast.  What they don’t tell you is that the beastly book becomes a huge fire breathing dragon if you ignore it, hide from it, or in general avoid even looking at it.

When your books have grown to this huge raving, ravaging and fire-breathing dragon you need to tame it.  What you need is a beast master.

That is your bookkeeper.

They are the expert beast master that will come and save you from the overwhelming mountain of chaos and questions that your books have become.  They create systems, solve problems and bring peace to your money mindset.  They do all this effortlessly and with a smile on their face; they love to do it!

Once that beast is tamed, you will not only sleep better, you’ll also have:

  1. Clean books – books are just the term we use for the financial database of your business.  It’s a cache of data that needs to be organized to make sense and tell you how your business is doing.  Bookkeepers keep that data in the right place so the IRS is less likely to come knocking on your door.
  2. Saved some money – yup!  Bookkeepers find duplicate services, extra fees, expedite processes and even more cost effective solutions for your business.  More to the point, they help you discover ways to increase your margins and profit by saving you money!
  3. Improved your cash flow – when it comes to managing your cash, so many wonderful things happen when you are able to flip the switch from “reactive” to “proactive”.  When you have the room to become strategic with your cash flow, you can make some serious strides in  your business.  Bookkeepers help you get there!

Still want to be your own beast master?  We got you covered.  We’ve got just the sword for you: a Checklist to help you know what to do and when to do it.  Think of it like the steps you need to do to train those books!

Find our FREE Checklist here: I want to be my own beast master!

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